Common Sense Conservative Leadership

Current city leadership has focused on mortgaging Greenwood’s future. Pitting areas of the city against each other all in the name of development for large corporations. It is time for a leader with a vision for the future of the entire city of Greenwood, not just certain sections of the city. 

Fighting for Greenwood
Residents – Not Special Interests

Joe will fight for the people of Greenwood — not large corporations, developers, and other groups whose only goal is to profit at the expense of a prosperous long term future for the entire City of Greenwood. 

Current city leadership rewards a small cadre of developers and large corporations with massive tax breaks and incentives while overlooking local businesses that have been in Greenwood for years. It is time to treat everyone fairly and stop giving preferential treatment to political allies. 

Focus on Public Safety – Making Greenwood Safe

Joe will stand with the public safety officials who keep our community members safe and make safety a priority. Greenwood Park Mall needs a plan moving forward for long-term public safety. We only have to look at other neighborhood malls in Indianapolis to see what a deteriorating mall can do to a neighborhood. 

Violent crime rates in Greenwood are increasing. Current city leadership has left our police and fire underfunded and understaffed. Priority #1 for the next mayor should be to keep streets and residents safe from the immigration of crime from Indianapolis and Marion County. 

Principled Leadership for Greenwood

JOE HUBBARD moved to the Greenwood area in 1989 when he was a senior in high school. He joined the United States Air Force in 1991 and served his country with pride. After eight years of service, Joe moved back home to work for Eli Lilly, where he worked for 13 years before starting his own small business. 

In 2012, Joe started ATMs for Veterans, that supports local veterans in the community, which has donated over $100,000. Joe shares our values and is ready to lead Greenwood on the right track. 

Meet Joe

  • Local resident for over 25 years
  • Air Force Veteran
  • Married to wife Brittney, with two daughters, Alison and Kaylee
  • Active member at Emmanuel Church
  • Small business owner
  • President of Center Grove School Board, 2022
  • Past President of Central Nine Career Center Board
  • Local Member of Johnson County GOP, the American Legion & the VFW
  • Graduate of Leadership Johnson County

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